Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reviewing the list

Today we need to review the list of people and present's that we want to make. I have looked at several different craft sites looking for different ideas. So far some of the things I want to make this year for different people for Christmas is:
  • cloth napkins
  • sock monkeys
  • molly dolls (I will have to look for it but this is a pattern someone put online, free for personal use)
  • molly doll clothing
  • framed artwork (made by kids for grandparents)
  • household binders (Organized Home was my inspiration)
  • several different ornament
  • pajamas
  • hand/home made books
  • bean bag games
  • marshmallow guns (this one actually is more for the adults lol)
  • puzzles
  • dress up kit
  • peg dolls
  • play dough
  • journal/activity books
  • felt play food
  • hair accesories
  • quilts
  • pillowcases
  • clothing (dress's, skirts, shirts)
  • grandparent brag books

We will also be making our own
  • wrapping paper
  • cards
  • tags
  • advent calendar
  • decorations
Yes I do realize that my list is just huge but I figure this is all the crazy stuff I want to do every year and start getting excited just before thanksgiving (when the decorations come out) and by the second week of December i realize that i will not be able to get everything done that i want to. As I start my projects I will be posting to share what I am doing and how it is going.

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