Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Find yourself a muse

search the internet far and wide for some wonderful muse's to get you excited about making your won christmas gifts for your family. Here are a few sites I recommend you stop by:

Etsy (well at least if you can't make it yourself someone can!!)
then there are all those wonderful bloggers out there who love to share so please if you find something cool let's hear about it!!

Reviewing the list

Today we need to review the list of people and present's that we want to make. I have looked at several different craft sites looking for different ideas. So far some of the things I want to make this year for different people for Christmas is:
  • cloth napkins
  • sock monkeys
  • molly dolls (I will have to look for it but this is a pattern someone put online, free for personal use)
  • molly doll clothing
  • framed artwork (made by kids for grandparents)
  • household binders (Organized Home was my inspiration)
  • several different ornament
  • pajamas
  • hand/home made books
  • bean bag games
  • marshmallow guns (this one actually is more for the adults lol)
  • puzzles
  • dress up kit
  • peg dolls
  • play dough
  • journal/activity books
  • felt play food
  • hair accesories
  • quilts
  • pillowcases
  • clothing (dress's, skirts, shirts)
  • grandparent brag books

We will also be making our own
  • wrapping paper
  • cards
  • tags
  • advent calendar
  • decorations
Yes I do realize that my list is just huge but I figure this is all the crazy stuff I want to do every year and start getting excited just before thanksgiving (when the decorations come out) and by the second week of December i realize that i will not be able to get everything done that i want to. As I start my projects I will be posting to share what I am doing and how it is going.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Decisions, Decisions!!

Now we need to make a list (don't worry it will be ok!!) We are going to make a list of all the people we are going to buy for (don't worry about money right now, just make the list) include in this list kids, parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, aunt's, uncles, cousins, grandparents, teachers, pastor's, friends, co-workers, etc. ANYONE that you will most likly be buying for. When you make this list give each person a three line area for you to work in, this is where the thinking process will go. After you have your list of people, next to there names write down any information about them that you know might be useful.

Ex. 1
Pam-- Loves PINK, and cooking, enjoys reading, allergic to flowers, Size 14 shirt and pant size 8 shoe, likes to be outside, doesn't get alone time with DH (babysitter)
Gift ideas: "gift certificate" for X amount of nights babysitting or keeping kids over night for parents, good book (could be garage sale find), bath and body works not a good idea for this one since she is allergic to flowers and most of those things are made with flower extract, pink shirt

Mike--Loves Harley Bikes and memorialbila, good with hands, shirt size XXL, loves grand kids to death, loves being on computer, likes homemade treats
Gift ideas: Picture of grandkids in Harley shirts or on bike (talk to dealership about getting picture) get a sweat shirt and have grand kids walk on it with paint on feet and words "My grand kids walk all over me!!"

I will write the actual gift once it is bought/made and wrapped. But now I will also have a handy guide to go with me so if I am considering a purchase I can open my Christmas planner and say to myself do I need to buy this. This will save money on over buiying for one person then feeling guilty like you need to over buy for the rest of that party of people.

Remember it is the thought that counts, so really think with your heart and mind NOT your wallet. If you feel you need to impress someone with the cost of a gift, I shall ask you.... do you really need to buy for that person???

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Getting Organized!!

To begin getting yourself organized for Christmas please check out to get yourself set up on a Christmas planner. There is both purse sized ones and notebook sized ones that you can print for free!!! So please go and get your Christmas notebook started, and we'll be using this a lot this month to get yourself set up for Christmas.

A cartful of Target savings!!!

Back in January (which I clearly meant to post) I went to target for both days of 75% off and 90% off. I needed to get several items, first on the list being stockings as we previously had a matching set of three that said "JOY" and there is now four of us! I also needed a tree skirt, though I remember having one apparently during the move this past year it was misplaced/lost and I needed a new one. I was very happy on the 75% off day to find 5 matching stockings (in case we have more!!) and a tree skirt (that matched the stockings) to boot!!! I was very very happy about this, then I went back to Target on the 90% day and got another tree skirt and stocking (only one of each left) bought those, walked out the door into my car (I had to empty out the rest of what I bought) got my 75% off receipt and returned the items I just bought so that I paid the 90% off price instead of the 75%.

However here is what I bought:
5-Hershey Elf ornaments
2-Tiny stockings (for advent calendar, will show later time)
2-Mini Tree's (thinking for the kids rooms for them to decorate)
1-"Cars" stocking (for my soon to be born nephew)
1-Tree Skirt
6-Light clips (those things you stick to the house to make the strings of lights stick)
2-"Hello Kitty" (mini) shopping bags
Total $6.53 Saved $55.80


There has simply been enough procrastination on my part for this project, so here we go better late then never!! This blog is going to be dedicated to everything Christmas from gifts, to decor, all the way to how to NOT break the bank to have a lovely, meaningfull Christmas at home (or where ever you go) with your family. I will be sharing plenty of gift making ideas and instuctions, also planning and budgeting. Please join me on the ride of my personal Christmas Challenge as to be ready, and not broke nor unhappy, by December 1st. This means by december 1st all the gift making (or even buying, which there will not be much of) and wrapping, and decorating, and major baking will be DONE!! In perfect time for me to enjoy our very, very busy hoilidays. The best part will be that since all the "stressful" items are checked off, we will trully be able to enjoy all of the chritmas things/activities without worry.

271 days and going down!!!