Wednesday, March 4, 2009


There has simply been enough procrastination on my part for this project, so here we go better late then never!! This blog is going to be dedicated to everything Christmas from gifts, to decor, all the way to how to NOT break the bank to have a lovely, meaningfull Christmas at home (or where ever you go) with your family. I will be sharing plenty of gift making ideas and instuctions, also planning and budgeting. Please join me on the ride of my personal Christmas Challenge as to be ready, and not broke nor unhappy, by December 1st. This means by december 1st all the gift making (or even buying, which there will not be much of) and wrapping, and decorating, and major baking will be DONE!! In perfect time for me to enjoy our very, very busy hoilidays. The best part will be that since all the "stressful" items are checked off, we will trully be able to enjoy all of the chritmas things/activities without worry.

271 days and going down!!!

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