Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A cartful of Target savings!!!

Back in January (which I clearly meant to post) I went to target for both days of 75% off and 90% off. I needed to get several items, first on the list being stockings as we previously had a matching set of three that said "JOY" and there is now four of us! I also needed a tree skirt, though I remember having one apparently during the move this past year it was misplaced/lost and I needed a new one. I was very happy on the 75% off day to find 5 matching stockings (in case we have more!!) and a tree skirt (that matched the stockings) to boot!!! I was very very happy about this, then I went back to Target on the 90% day and got another tree skirt and stocking (only one of each left) bought those, walked out the door into my car (I had to empty out the rest of what I bought) got my 75% off receipt and returned the items I just bought so that I paid the 90% off price instead of the 75%.

However here is what I bought:
5-Hershey Elf ornaments
2-Tiny stockings (for advent calendar, will show later time)
2-Mini Tree's (thinking for the kids rooms for them to decorate)
1-"Cars" stocking (for my soon to be born nephew)
1-Tree Skirt
6-Light clips (those things you stick to the house to make the strings of lights stick)
2-"Hello Kitty" (mini) shopping bags
Total $6.53 Saved $55.80

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