Sunday, March 8, 2009

Decisions, Decisions!!

Now we need to make a list (don't worry it will be ok!!) We are going to make a list of all the people we are going to buy for (don't worry about money right now, just make the list) include in this list kids, parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, aunt's, uncles, cousins, grandparents, teachers, pastor's, friends, co-workers, etc. ANYONE that you will most likly be buying for. When you make this list give each person a three line area for you to work in, this is where the thinking process will go. After you have your list of people, next to there names write down any information about them that you know might be useful.

Ex. 1
Pam-- Loves PINK, and cooking, enjoys reading, allergic to flowers, Size 14 shirt and pant size 8 shoe, likes to be outside, doesn't get alone time with DH (babysitter)
Gift ideas: "gift certificate" for X amount of nights babysitting or keeping kids over night for parents, good book (could be garage sale find), bath and body works not a good idea for this one since she is allergic to flowers and most of those things are made with flower extract, pink shirt

Mike--Loves Harley Bikes and memorialbila, good with hands, shirt size XXL, loves grand kids to death, loves being on computer, likes homemade treats
Gift ideas: Picture of grandkids in Harley shirts or on bike (talk to dealership about getting picture) get a sweat shirt and have grand kids walk on it with paint on feet and words "My grand kids walk all over me!!"

I will write the actual gift once it is bought/made and wrapped. But now I will also have a handy guide to go with me so if I am considering a purchase I can open my Christmas planner and say to myself do I need to buy this. This will save money on over buiying for one person then feeling guilty like you need to over buy for the rest of that party of people.

Remember it is the thought that counts, so really think with your heart and mind NOT your wallet. If you feel you need to impress someone with the cost of a gift, I shall ask you.... do you really need to buy for that person???

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