Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stressed out!!

Well by now I wanted to have ton's of wonderful things done both gifts and decorations, but I haven't I can say that I have a good reason.... I am pregnant and had a very rough pregnancy. That being said I also now have a fire under myself to get everything done becuase I am due December 14th and will deliver early (via c-section) so now I am trying to shop/craft/organize everything to get Christmas in order as it should be this year so that I can enjoy my time with my family, most especially the new lil one I will be nursing and sleeping with. This week's goal is to get my Christmas Planner put together, I am getting printable s for this from:
Organized Christmas

I will post pic's next week along with my GIANT to-do list and dates I must have these things done. Well I must go I am off to print up my pages for my planner, I will be putting it together and beautifying it this weekend while camping.

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